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   City and Guilds of London Art School                       1965-67
          London, England                       
          Awarded - Certificate of Merit in                         1967
          Post-Graduate Sculpture                                               
   Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture            1965-Summer
         Skowhegan, Maine
   The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts             1961-65
         Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Teaching Experience
   Professor of Fine Arts                                                 1994 - 2007
   Associate Professor of Fine Arts                                 1976 - 1994
          The American University, Washington, D.C.
   Assistant Professor of Fine Arts                                  1970-76
          Amherst College
   Dean of Students                                                         1972-Summer
          Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture                                               
   Administrative Assistant to the Director                      1969-Summer
          Skowhegan School                                               
   Lecturer in the Fine Arts and Artist-in-Residence       1967-70
         Haverford College

Grants, Awards, Fellowships, etc.
   Mellon Award                                                             2005
   CAS Course Release                                                   1993-2007
   Who's Who in American Art                                       1989-2007
   Curriculum Development Award                                1988
          The American University
   Mellon Faculty Development Grant                            1980
          The American University
   Travel Research Grant, Amherst College                    1975
   Crary Fellowship, Amherst College                            1973
   Ford Humanities Traveling Research Grant,               1972
          Amherst College
   Ford Humanities Fund Grant, Amherst College          1970-75
   Faculty Research Grant, Haverford College                1969
   Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture             1964
          Full Tuition Scholarship
          Purchase Prize in Sculpture                                  1964
   Ware Traveling Scholarship                                        1964
          Summer in Europe
   Stimson Prize in Life Modeling                                   1964
   P.A.F.A. tuition scholarship                                        1963-64

One Person Shows
   Chautaqua, NY                                                           08/2005
   Southern Maryland University                                    03/2005
   Rosemont College ,PA                                               12/2004
   Marlborough College, Vermont                                  09/2004
   Gallery at Quiet Waters Park,                                     05/2004
          Annapolis, Maryland
   Thiel College PA                                                        09/2003
   Notre Dame University                                               04/2002
   Watkins Collection DC                                               11/2001
   Harmony Hall Gallery                                                 05/2001
          Fort Washington, MD                                               
   Washington & Jefferson College                                10/2000                                   
   Hobart & William Smith College                                04/2000
   Watkins Collection  DC                                              11/1998
   West Chester U. PA                                                    10/1994
   Elizabethtown College                                                09/1993           
          Elizabethtown, PA                                               
   Salisbury State University                                           04/1993
   Mary Baldwin College                                                11/1992
   Western Maryland College                                          09/1992
   Watkins Gallery                                                           09-10/1990
   Washington County Museum                                      11-12/1988
          of Fine Arts, Hagerstown, MD,                        
   Review, 1963-1983, The American University           10/1985
   Recent Work, Georgetown University                        09/1985
   Exhibition:  A Proposed Monument to                        09/1982
          Winthrop Rockefeller                                   
   Arkansas Art Center, Arkansas                                   12/1978
          International Monetary Fund Exhibition                       
   Port Washington Public                                               06/1974           
          Library, Port Washington, New York                       
   Purdue University                                                        02/1970
   Fiske University                                                           02/1968

 Group Shows
   Faculty Exhibition , Katzen Museum                          01/2006
   Selections from the Watkins Collection
          Katzen Museum                                                   10/2005
   Stylist / Realist Emerson Gallery                                 01/2001
          McLean VA                                                           
   Stylist / Realist MAP Baltimore, MD                          01/2000
          Winter Show
   Gallery K. Washington, DC                                        11/1998-2002         
   Gallery K. Washington, DC                                        07/1998-2000
          Artist to Artist
   Art Barn, Washington, DC                                          11/1995
          16 Sculptors
   Watkins Gallery, Washington, DC                              10/1995
          Washington Figurative Sculptors
   Maryland School of Art and Design                            10/1995
          Sculpture On and Off  the Wall
   A. Salon ltd., Washington, DC                                    10/1995
          Washington Figurative Sculptors,
   Delaplaine Art Center,  Frederick, MD                        01/1995
          Washington Figurative Sculptors,
   Art Barn, Washington, DC                                          10/1994
          Artist/Educator Exhibit
   Doshi Art Center, Harrisburg, PA                               09/1994
          Washington Abstract Sculpture                                               
   Watkins Gallery, Washington, DC                              11/1993
          Washington Figurative Sculptors,                                               
   Watkins Gallery, Washington, DC                              06/1992
   Art Spring  Loudon, VA                                             05/1992
          Johnson's Garden Center Fountain #1                                   
   Washington Flower Show                                           07/1990                       
          D.C. Convention Center Fountain #2
   Washington Flower Show                                           05/1990           
          21st Area Exhibition:  Sculpture,          
   The Corcoran Gallery of Art                                       10/1978
          Washington, D.C.                                                            
   "Human Form" Exhibition, International                    09/1978           
          Monetary Fund                                                           
   New Faces 1978, Franz Bader Gallery,                      07/1978           
          Washington, D.C.                                                                       
   The American University Faculty Show                     10/1976           
   Prince George's Community College,                         10/1976
          Largo, Maryland                                               
   Amherst College, Faculty Exhibition,                         10/1975                       
          Mead Art Gallery, Amherst, MA                       
   Sculpture in the Park, De Cordova Museum               1972 - Summer            
          Lincoln, Massachusetts                                   
   Portland School of Art, Outdoor Sculpture                 04/1974           
          Series, Portland, Maine                                   
   Two-Person Show, Bellmore Memorial Library,        10/1973           
          Bellmore, Long Island, New York                       
   Young Philadelphians, Kenmore, Philadelphia           12/1968
   Three Sculptors, Art Alliance, Philadelphia                12/1968                     

   Invitational Competition                                              1993
          New Jersey Arts Commission                                   
   Large sculptured relief, Queens Plaza                         1976           
          Complex, New York, New York              
   Large sculptured relief, Bellmore Memorial                1973
          Library, Long Island, New York                       

Professional Activities
   Outside Critic MFA Candidates, New York               05/2002
          Academy of Art
   Juror XXI National Sculpture Competion                   1999
          Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art                       
   Juror Stimson Figure Modeling Competion                 1998
          Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
          Philadelphia, Pennsylvania                                   
   Juror, 16 Sculptors, Watkins Gallery,                          1995           
          American University                                               
   Juror, Sculpture On and Off  the Wall                         1995
          A. Salon ltd.                                                           
   Slide Lecture, Elizabethtown College                         1993
   Slide Lecture, Salisbury State University                    1993                                
   Gallery Talk, Mary Baldwin College                          1992
   Gallery Talk, Western Maryland College                    1992
   CCNV vs Reid                                                            1991
          Expert witness                                                           
   Oxford University Press, reviewer                              1991                       
   Johnston Sculpture Competition                                 1991
          New York Academy, NYC                       
   Founder and Director of the Washington                    1991 - 2007
          Figurative Sculptors
   Graduate Accreditation Committee                             1988
          New York Academy of Art                                              
   Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee for                     1986
          Contemporary Traveling National
   Figure Sculpture Exhibition                                         1985
          Alexandria Commission on the Arts                                  
          Subcommittee on Acquisition Policy
   Montgomery County, Maryland Jury 1% for Art        1985
   External Review Committee Sculpture Program         1985
          Philadelphia College of Art
   Lecture, Visiting Artist, Georgetown University         1984
   Lecture, Visiting Artist, University of                         1983
          California, Stanilaus
   Chair, Ad Hoc Committee, National                           1982-1983
          Contemporary Figure Sculpture Exhibition
   Lecture, Nicols College, MA                                      1982
   Lecture, AU Alumni Association                                1981
   Lecture, St. Charles Community College                    1979
   Juror, International Year of the Child,                         1979
          Department of Agriculture
   Lecture, Abbington Friends School, PA                     1978

University and Departmental Activities
   Freshman Open House                                                1996-99
   SOAR I, II, III                                                             07/1996
   Departmental Representative Alumni Weekend          06/1996
   Deputy Chair, Art Department                                    1995-96, 2001-2007           
   Education Policy Committee, CAS                            1994-1996
   Juror/Administrator Sacknoff Scholarship                   1992-2007
   Freshman Mentor                                                        1993-1996
   Summer Administrator                                                 1991-2007
   Visiting Artist Sculpture Program                                1989-2007
   Representive, National Cultural Alliance                     1994
   EPC Budget Advisory Committee                               1993 - Fall
   Freshman Open House                                                1993
          MFA Seminar: "How to Succeed as an               1993
   Artist after your MFA"
   Washington Abstract Sculpture Exhibition                  1993
   Washington Figurative Sculpture Exhibition               1992
   Risk Management Committee                                      1989-2007
   Studio Search Committee                                             1989-90
   EPC Graduate Studies Committee                               1988-1989
   Department Gen Ed Committee                                   1987-1989
   University Facilities Committee                                   1987
   Studio Search Committee                                             1985-86
   Participant, Provost's Luncheon                                   1984
          Seminar Series
   Faculty Advisor, Art Alumni Club                              1982-83
   Rank and Tenure Committee                                      1980-2007
   APEL Committee                                                        1978-1980
   College Sampler Day                                                  1979
   Freshman Day                                                             1979
   Freshman Phonathon                                                  1978-1979
   Director, Sculpture Program                                        1976-2007
   Sculpture Resource Person                                          1976-2007